Help me to continue Designing & Donating face masks to Medical Personnel

Hello. I am not one to ask for help but here I am. 

My woman of color trademark small business, pomBlue LLC needs help.

I am on week 5 of Designing and Donating my designer pomBlue Bmask Face Masks

to medical personnel, family and friends.

I have already donated to ten states so far -NYC NJ CA OH CT MD NOLA HI PA FL.  

I just received a request through my TIKTOK account of a hospital in PA that direly needs face masks since they have nothing. I stopped my regular donations and small orders to rush this order out making it a priority. 

I answered the Call to Duty and have a responsibility to use my mad skill set to help during this crisis. I need to continue to do so for a Face Mask is essential wear now.

My designer pomBlue Bmask Face Masks are hand sewn by me and they are 100% 
2-layer Cotton, Washable, Adjustable, and Reversible, Sizes- S M L XL and child

and most important from a CORONA FREE ENVIRONMENT.

Design Studio is in Pompano Beach Florida

I haven' t been able to file for Unemployment or the Small Business Government Funding

since the sites keep crashing. Plus many major corporations took all of the Small Business Fund. 

Which brings me here where I'm asking for help. Your donation to this cause will benefit so much since I'll be able to continue to design and donate to the front liners of doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers and friends who can't afford a face mask. 

Help me Help you please



pomBlue LLC