EP Drops June 1

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Don't kill the messenger.
pomBLUE is a messenger, a vessel.
With years of experience as a professional Actor and clothing Designer, being a singer/songwriter was the natural progression since her skill set includes masterful poetry and screenwriting/filmmaking.
Q Up Now is her personal fav;
"How many songs have lyrics of hypocrisy, carnivores, corrupted leadership, climate change and race with an amazing beat?!" Simple artistry is how pomBLUE mastered music with 'Dream Team' player FRDRK (engineer). EP, MESSAGES has 5 records with a deluxe album 10 records slated to drop October 1, 2020. A vessel you ask, how else do you explain writing FAKE in 10 minutes in the shower to ART LIFE written in an hour while designing bikinis. "I heard of some iconic songs that were written really fast and came to the artist like that 'snap'. "Now, I get it,,,I get it. And I got it!
Thank God!"


Deluxe Album Drops October 1

All Digital platforms - iTunes Spotify Amazon TikTok etc

The Deluxe Album has 11 songs!


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