short film fest

1st Annual pomBlue Short Film Fest

Submit 5 min short film (includes credit roll/page)

Shoot traditional horizontal frame 

1 day showing - 30 films = 2.5 hrs

*Theater screening and LIVE stream 

Cash prizes - Major Sponsor swag bag

Gold -Silver- Bronze Medals of Honor

Judged by Associated Board of Directors

Press and Recognition

Sunday, November 1, 2020 screening and awards ceremony

*TBD based on Society Quarantine

Comedy Drama Animation Documentary Dramedy

Topics: ECO - Recycle - Vegan - Ocean -Beach -Yoga - Earth - Death - Social Distancing - Color - Art


Q- Can I submit a 6 min film? A- No, the entire film must be EXACTLY 5 min which include the credit roll/page 

Q- Can I submit several different films? A-Yes, but ony 1 film from your Production company will be chosen if selected for the final 30 film screening

Q- What are the prizes? A- Some Jacksons, some Grants & a lot of Benjamins, an amazing sponsored swag bag and  most important, the prestigious pomBlue Short Film Fest Gold Silver Bronze Medal of honor

Q- Do I have to be at the screening in order to win? A- No, but it's pretty amazing to see your film in person on a big theater screen

Q- Will tickets be sold for the theater screening and LIVE stream? A- Yes, details in September

Q- Can I have a film that is Not of the topics listed? A- NO, stick to the topics. They are chosen for a reason

Q-Is it Ok to be a novice and never filmed a film before? A-Yes, our Fest was devised with you in mind.                        Many creative films don't get any exposure but we are OPEN to it all. 

ps. shhh, we are the underground Fest 'where the cool kids go' and not part of the regular film fest listings. We are the fest that gives the budding filmmaker and veteran storyteller and everyone else in between a fighting chance for us all to see YOUR STORY

Submission - April 13- September 30

$25 Entry Fee

Non-refundable. Each entry will be thoroughly equally viewed. The final 30 short films will be nominated by the Associated Board of Directors based on overall quality film production


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